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FAQ page


1.   How to register?                                           

Login to www.nikah.global, you will be register as a free member, after free registration you can choose membership package and can become paid member.

Free registration

You will have to enter details of the person intending to get married. Click on Register link and after you submit your information, your profile will be automatically created and you shall be given a 'Nikah Global ID' generated for future references and login purposes.

Paid registration

After free registration, choose package for the required period and which fits your requirements. Upon payment of the prescribed package you will become paid member.

2.    What is profile validation?

We validate all profiles before inclusion in the database. Validation of profile will take just one day. Our support group fastidiously approves every single profile deliberately on particular foundation before it is added to our database. You will get email affirmation after approval.

3.    On what criteria is a profile validated?

Almost every word counts. We completely disregard profiles that are put together by minors, and profiles that contain unethical substance. We dismiss profiles that contain invalid information, for example, included for the sake of entertainment/searching for fellowship/not for the purpose of marriage. We always keep best quality in the database. We serve only those persons who are willing to marry and nothing else.

4.    Can I register for my friend, relative or sibling?


5.    Can I register two profiles with one email ID?

No, it is not allowed, you need to register second profile with different email ID.

Some clarification regarding Profile description

6.    What should I enter in the profile description field?

It is the place where you explain yourself - your identity, your preferences and aversions, your qualification and family foundation, profession and individual interests, and assumptions about your prospective spouse. A decent depiction will dependably get quick reactions.

7.    Can I view sample profiles?

"I am a friendly, fun-loving person. I have a pleasing personality. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Civil engineering. I am building houses for an investment company from last three years in Lahore.  I play cricket and table tennis.

We have a liberal, religious family. Father is a resigned Asst. Professor from Punjab government and mother is a housewife. I have two brothers, both senior and wedded. The first is a Designer in Pakistan Army and the second is working in Glass production line.

My preferred spouse will be somebody who is sensible, mindful, and tolerant and has a decent personality."

8.    What other members can see from my profile?

Members can see all details from your profile except contact details and photographs. For contact and photographs they require your permission.

9.    What is Mobile Number Verification?

Nikah.global always verifies 100% mobile numbers. Every time you logged in you will be asked to verify your mobile number. A six digit alpha numeric code will be send to your mobile which you need to submit on the verification window. After this verification process is complete.


10.  How do I create a complete profile?

A quick careful review of the following topics will guide you to complete your profile.


11.  How many photos can I add?

You can add up to six photos to your profile. Photo must be a .gif, .jpg format, no larger than 1MB each.

12.  How to upload photos?

Login using your Nikah Global/E-mail ID and Password. In “Express your profile” section click on the Manage Photo link in the “Add Photo” page, click on the “Browse button”. Crop your photo appropriately and upload.

13.  What are the other ways to add photos?

E-mail your photo at photo@Nikah.global indicating your Nikah Global ID and Password. Contact any of our associate near your place and we shall upload photo to your profile free of cost.

14.  How you validate photos?

Each photograph posted on our site includes a manual screening. We might approve your photograph within 1 hour amid the workplace timing 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM. After approval of your photograph our audience can see it.

15.  How do I protect my photo?

This feature is available to all our members. You can secure your photograph with a Secret key and just those individuals with whom you share your key can see your photograph. Note: In case that you overlook your Secret key, you can set another key however you can't recover the old one.

16.  How do I unprotect my photo?

This feature is available to all members. Click on the Manage photo section and you can remove the display barrier for others.

17.  How to delete photos?

Login using your Nikah Global/E-mail ID and Password. Click on the Manage photo section. Press “Edit Photo” button and delete your photo.

18.  What is photo security?

Nikah.global will put water mark on your photo in order to protect it.


19.  What is a verification Badge?

Verification Badge adds credibility to your profile. Nikah.global verifies the data you submit with us. This confirms your profile and enacts your Validation Badge. This gives your profile the esteem it merits. Our representative will physically visit your home or work place and will ask the following things. In case your documentary evidence deviates from your profile, we may cancel your profile without refund of fee paid. In case our representative is not available in your place then you need to email us all the evidences at info@nikah.global mentioning your user id.

  1. Identity proof – Any one out of three identities: CNIC / Passport copy /  Driving License
  2. Professional certificates - your latest education certificate and or if you are running your own business, the latest electricity or telephone bill issued in your company's name to activate this badge.
  3. Residency proof - Copy of latest electricity or gas or telephone bills.
  4. References - Please add at least four references. 1. Family member, 2. Neighbor 3. Friend, 4. Your co-worker.
  5. Others - Nikah Global reserve the right to ask further details to verify your credentials.

20.  How is your document validated?

When you upload a document to activate your verification Badge, after authenticating your documents Nikah.global will put “verified” badge. Upon request we shall only disclose these documents with which you already have acceptance of Interest.  


21.  What is modifying profile?

It is the area where you can change your profile. Login to Nikah Global and on the left side menu bar click “modify profile” Here you have option to modify each section of your profile.

22.  How will I get alerts?

You will receive alerts from us through e-mail and SMS.

23.  What is My Match?

My Match is a list of persons matching your preferences, weekly we shall send you persons matching your preferences.

24.  I am not receiving best matches in my emails. What I should do?

You should change your partner preferences such that you can receive best matching profiles. We recommend you add multiple options in your preferences.

25.  How to delete profile?

Log in to your account. From the left menu, click the Delete Profile button. You need to provide reasons for the deletion of your profile and after due verification administrator will delete your profile from the system. After deletion you cannot retrieve your account.

26.  How I can deactivate my profile?

You need to send email requesting administrator to deactivate your profile for certain period of time at info@nikah.global.


27.  How do I modify my profile?

From the left main menu, click modify profile button and do the changes as required.


28.  I forgot my Nikah Global ID/Password. What should I do?

By clicking on the “forgot password button” you will send us request from your registered email address and in reply we shall send you fresh password. Later on you can change this password.

29.  How do I change my Password?

You can change your Password. Go to My Account Details section in the left side menu bar and then select < Change Password >. Enter Current Password, then New password and confirm the New Password. Then Click on Change password button.


30.  What are My Matches?

1-Way Matches

As per your wishes and preferences these are the persons we found for you as your best match.

2-Way Match

This is super match where we match both parties’ wishes criteria.

Reverse Matches

In this search list someone else wish list matches with you. This is also good list where you can find people wishing to marry you. 

Broader Matches

As per our experience and taking some liberty we provide you some more people as your best match.

31.  What are personalized Messages?

Personal Messages ReceivedMessages received from other paid members.

Personal Messages Sent – Personal messages sent to other paid members.


32.  How do I short-list profiles?

Login using your 'Nikah Global/e-mail ID' and 'Password'. Search your desired profile and click button “Add to Shortlist” on your right side of screen. The profile will be added to your list of short-listed profiles.

33.  How do I view/delete short-listed profiles?

After Login go to “My Lists” and then click “My Shortlist” after selecting profile you wish to delete / remove click on delete button.


34.  How do I block profiles?

Login using your 'Nikah Global/e-mail ID' and 'Password'. Search your desired profile and click button “Add to Block list” on your right side of screen. The profile will be added to your list of Block-listed profiles.

35.  How do I view/edit Blocked profiles?

After Login go to “My Lists” and then click “My Block list” Select profile you wish to remove or unblock and click the buttons accordingly.


Express Interest

36.  What is Express Interest?

After finding your desired partner at Nikah.global finally you will offer yourself by sending “Express Interest” as a potential life partner to someone else. Email will be sent to other person showing your profile. If he/she rejects your proposal then the story is finished. However, if he/she accepts the proposal then we shall disclose your contact details to each other. In this way one contact will be reduced from your package and we assume that we have shown you one match as per your desire.

37.  How many interest I can express?

You can send interests based on your payment plan.

38.  How will I know if a member has accepted/declined my interest?

In case of acceptance or rejection you will get email. Also you will get the details in your home page “Express Interest” section.

39.  Upon sending interest, whether my contact details will be shown automatically?

No only upon acceptance of Interest, your contact details will be shown to other members.



40.  How do I chat?

Only paid members have this facility. After login, on the right side footer of your screen you will see "Who's Online". Here you can chat with different online members.

41.  Send messages online

Paid members can send messages to others based on membership plan.


42.  What is Nikah.global personalized matchmaking services?

You are provided with a Personal Matchmaker, who will do an expert search, identify, short-list and contact prospective life partners on your behalf to help you find your life partner. Your Personal Matchmaker also tracks responses, monitors matching profiles and keeps you informed on developments related to matchmaking on a regular basis.

43.  What are the packages available for your paid services?

Our packages details are:

Pakistan – basic

6 Months

Rs. 5000 with 15 express interests’ acceptances and 30 messages.


Pakistan – Premium ( Profile highlighter in search results)

6 Months

Rs. 10,000 with 15 express interests’ acceptances and 30 messages.


Gulf – Basic

6 Months

AED 500 with 15 express interests’ acceptances and 30 messages.

Gulf – Premium   (Profile highlighter in search results)

6 Months

AED 700 with 15 express interests’ acceptances and 30 messages.


Europe, America and Africa – Basic

6 Months

US$ 150 with 15 express interests’ acceptances and 30 messages.

Europe, America and Africa – Premium (Profile highlighter in search results)

6 Months

US$ 200 with 15 express interests’ acceptances and 30 messages.


Till-U- Marry Package (60 interest acceptances, 100 messages) includes profile highlighter

No time limit

Rs. 20,000 for Pakistan, AED 1500 for Gulf , US$ 500 for Europe, America  and Africa

44.  What are the different modes of payment?

In Pakistan you can pay directly to Bank account and Mobile services like U-paisa, Mobi-Cash and EasyPaisa.

For International users they can pay via western union or other exchange services. For the time being credit card service is not activated.

Please don’t forget to email proof of your payment at payments@nikah.global along with your user ID.

You can visit our nearby offices or call our associates near you and pay them. Payment should be in Pakistani Rupee.

45.  After payment how much times you will take to upgrade my profile?

Upon receipt of your payment immediately we shall upgrade your profile. In case your profile upgradation takes time please email us at payments@nikah.global along with your payment details.

46.  Pay at banks

Bank Details


Bank: Meezan Bank 

Branch :Valencia Town Lahore (Code - 0259)

Account: 0105483394

IBAN: PK85-MEZN00-0259-0105483394


 Allied Bank


Bank: Bank Islami Pakistan Limited

Branch: Valencia Town, Lahore. (Code-2111)

Account: PK82-BKIP-0211-1000-0310-0206




47.  Mobile payment details

Mobile Account  


Name: Muhammad Mehmood                                        

Account No:  0343-333-7086

CNIC: 35200-1508789-1



Name: Muhammad Mehmood                                        

Account No:  0320-444-0303

CNIC: 35200-1508789-1




Name: Muhammad Mehmood                                        

Account No. 333-444-03035

CNIC: 35200-1508789-1




Name: Muhammad Mehmood                                        

Mobile No:  0092-333-4440303

CNIC: 35200-1508789-1

Address: Lahore, Pakistan



48.  Do you provide any dating/friendship services?

Absolutely not, it is Islamic matrimonial site serving our brothers and sisters looking for life partners either for themselves or for their loved ones.

49.  How do I add my success story?

We would love to know about your experience with us. Please go to your home page and share your success stories. After proper validation we shall publish your success story.

50.  What is Profile Highlighter?

After getting premium membership package you will be eligible for this service. Your Profile will be highlighted on our first page.