• O Allah U protect my husband for U alone know how much I love him

Code of conduct

Nikah.global is a Muslim matrimonial site; we also expect that you enjoy our site safely and with responsibility. Please read our code of conduct carefully as it shows your morality and you promise us that you will not;

  • Use sexually oriented words in my messages and chats;
  • Be harsh with others;
  • Use Vulgar language, masked with symbols, characters etc.;
  • Send any pornographic content to others.
  • Offer prostitution or escort services on our site.
  • Publish racist remark or religious discrimination;
  • Trouble other users if they are not interested to reply.
  • Offer money or financial help or ask for money or financial favor.

You also promise that you will;

  • Only upload your own photos and texts.
  • Upload your pictures properly dressed up. We have sole discretion to reject your picture if we found it immoral.
  • Meet with your prospective spouse only in the presence of wali. We don’t promote dating on our website.

In case of your failure to follow our guidelines, we can cancel your registration with immediate effect without pre alarming you.