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About Us

Nikah is the biggest Sunnah of our Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). Allah, who has changed Haram to Halal; and sin to acquiescence and ibadah, through the method of Nikah, gives two families and in addition two persons another bond and relationship. It is the time when everybody is reminded of their commitments and rights towards existing relations.

Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said; 'a woman is married for one of the four reasons: money; status; magnificence; or religion. One ought to wed a religious woman and make progresses.

Persons seeking marriage should get the services of wali) ولی). In a Muslim world parents play the role of wali, however, wali can be a noble person having good faith in Allah and provide services to the community for the sake of Allah.

Parent advice is compulsory while selecting a spouse. Also Khulwa is strictly prohibited in Islam. Khulwa mean

 Finally, it is suggested that prospective couple should get the services of a wise person trusted by both parties to assist them before marriage.s meeting of male and female when they are alone.


Nikah.global a project of Green Sourcing, registered partnership firm in Lahore Pakistan founded by brother Mehmood It is the most trusted and widely used matrimonial site working as mentor for the benefit of everyone particularly Muslims around the world.                                                                                                                                  

 Allah says in the Holy Qur’an;

‘And consult with them in actions. Then when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah, certainly,

Nikah Global helps Muslims around the globe to find their partner of choice in a short span of time. It provides safe and secure Matrimonial services with commendable success. It is committed to serve Muslims according to the tenets of Islam.  

These days it is extremely difficult to find one's life partner through conventional ways of family and friends circles or with the help of unprofessional brokers. Nikah global through its extended and advanced IT technology makes it possible to find a desired life partner. Our searching approach is very simple, secure and conservative keeping in mind the values of Muslim community. We also hired the services of hundreds of Associates to satisfy our members at their doorsteps. At

In the shortest time Nikah.global has been able to earn name and fame because of the untiring efforts of the Founders, Mr. Muhammad Mehmood, and the most dedicated and trust-worthy team of employees who toil day and night to make this site the first and foremost in the realm of Muslim matrimony. present the associates’ services are only in Pakistan, however, soon these will be provided in other countries as well.

May Allah succeed Nikah Global in easing the pains of Muslim brothers and sisters.